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Lisure Science provides complete solutions for downstream purification for the production of biotechnology, chemicals, traditional Chinese medicine and health care products, and provides technical services for the purification and development of substances such as proteins, peptides, antibodies, enzymes, antibiotics and plant extracts. Our R & D production, including lab chromatography system, pilot chromatography system, chromatography column, ultra-filtration system and buffer management system, can provide customers from the lab scale technology development to the pilot scale and amplification production through-train service. We use our strong purification technology strength and abundant packing reserves to help customers quickly build downstream purification process, the different manufacturers of different packing screening. The life of the packing validation test to help customers choose the most suitable production process and packing, save production costs and improve market competitiveness

Process Development.

  • Process Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Packing Screening
  • Packing Life Validation
  • Sample Clarification, Concentrated Process Development and Film Selection


  • Daptomycin ≥98%
  • Sugammadex ≥99%
  • Rapamycin ≥99%
  • Spiramycin ≥99%
  • Sanguinarine ≥99%
  • Insulin ≥99%
  • Bivalirudin ≥99%
  • Serum Albumin Purity optional 85%, 95%, 98%
  • Serum immunoglobulin 90%
  • Lactoferrin ≥95%
  • Porcine Circovirus Recombinant Protein, VLP, Whole Viruses
  • Meningococcus Polysaccharide
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